Circle.so is a third-party platform for creators. On Thinkific, you can integrate your school with Circle.so so your students and clients can login and access your Circle.so community space with single sign-on. This article reviews how to set up and manage the Circle.so integration with your Thinkific school.

<aside> 📣 Need a Circle.so account? Start here



Visual learners: watch the video to get started!

Circle SSO Setup.mp4

Set up the Circle.so integration

<aside> ⚠️ Please make sure your Thinkific subdomain (step 1 below) is set to its final value prior to setting up the SSO. Our application relies on this subdomain and sets it to the value at the time of first login; if you happen to change it after you install our application you will need to notify us at circlesso@course.studio so that we can update our system with this new subdomain. In your email, please provide us with your old and new subdomain.


To set up the Circle.so integration with Thinkific, follow these steps:

  1. From your Thinkific Administrative Dashboard, navigate to Settings > Site URL and copy the URL up to .thinkific.com.


  1. Login to the Circle-SSO app using the copied URL from above.
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